Dubrovnik City Walls Walking Tour

Walking the magnificent city walls is a must do while in Dubrovnik!

Ancient City Walls have a lot of intriguing stories to share, but they can’t be found on Google!
Book your Dubrovnik City Walls Walking Tour and let our knowledgeable local guides tell you stories
how the walls protected Dubrovnik from its powerful enemies for centuries.


  • Dubrovnik is a stunning city to stroll through, but you will really appreciate it after you see it from the different perspective, from the walls! Being up helps you to understand where everything is plus it gives you amazing selfie opportunities! Enjoy spectacular views of Dubrovnik Old Town as well as nearby islands, while our knowledgeable local guide is telling you impressive stories.

  • Dubrovnik city walls are UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • 1940 meters long, they were being built from 13th to 17th century to defend the city from the invaders and they are very well preserved until nowadays.

  • They consist of 16 towers, 3 fortresses, and 6 bastions.

  • On this Dubrovnik walking tour, you will see the gorgeous fortresses like Revelin fortress, Minčeta Fortress, St. John`s Fortress, Bokar Fortress, and your guide will reveal you why they were essential structures in the protection of Dubrovnik’s people and prosperity.

  • You will learn interesting facts about the city’s defensive and political challenges, such as the use of poison for political purposes.

  • You will hear stories and legends about the church of St Blaise, Dubrovnik's patron saint and many more.

  • You will also get to know about the homeland war in the early '90s.

  • If you’re a Game of Throne’s fan, you will recognize Minčeta Tower as it was used as the exterior of the House of Undying.

  • Fun fact: During the building of the Minčeta tower in 1464, there was a short supply of stone and it was ordered that every visitor to the city must bring a stone with them in accordance with their body's constitution.

  • Join our Dubrovnik walking tour and we will reveal you a whole lot more interesting and fun facts!


  • Your guide is fluent in English and licensed by the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.

  • Maximum group size is 12 people.

  • If you would like to go on a private tour, let us know and we will adjust everything to your needs!


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  • This tour includes significant amount of walking (1940 meters). Guests with walking difficulties are kindly requested to take this into consideration.

  • Sun protection, hat, and water are recommended since there is no shade at the walls!


Meeting point is at Pile Gate. Look for a guide with a big umbrella!


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