Thanks a lot for reading our blog, we appreciate it!

We are a group of enthusiastic young local people who want you to make the most out of your time in Dubrovnik.
The reason we started this blog is that we wanted to show you real Dubrovnik, the way we see it as locals who have been living here most of our lives.

Our goal is to create a dubrovnik travel guide to some of the best places to visit, eat and drink and things to do during your trip.

We will give you advice on avoiding the usual tourist traps and discovering the real Dubrovnik, the city through the eyes of the local.
We will reveal you some hidden gems, really good stuff that are not in tourist guides and brochures.

We want you to feel the real city vibe, to understand how people here live and think, to experience the real buzz of a city, the living, breathing, soul of a place.

Don’t be a typical tourist who visits only the standard cliche places and eats in overpriced restaurants.

Dubrovnik has much more to offer than a guidebook tells you and there’s really nothing better then having a local like us to show you the hidden gems that you would never normally find.

Let us know what you think!